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Arnica – All Purpose Injury Remedy

InjuryHave you  suffered an injury recently? Whether it is a neck whiplash from an auto collision, a shoulder or back strain from lifting, a sprained knee or ankle from sports or skiing, your injuries should be properly addressed. Why? Because they can turn into lingering problems that never resolve properly. When an area is weakened, recurring injury is more likely in the future. Injured joints can be painful,  unstable and eventually turn arthritic, muscles stiffen and strain more easily, while tendons can become inflamed and painful with every movement (tendinitis).


Best practice injury management includes using a proper support brace or tape, applying an ice pack regularly for the first 2 or 3 days and keeping the injured part (limb) elevated to reduce swelling. Using a natural healing product with Arnica helps fast track recovery and boosts the body’s repair process, ensuring the injury resolves properly.  Rest is also important to allow healing to occur, as re-injury is likely if normal activities are started again too soon. Too many people fall into this trap and have to start over with their recovery.


Arnica products can be taken internally as well as applied to the skin. For more significant injuries it is advisable to use both internal and external  preparations, as the effect is stronger. Deep heat creams should be avoided immediately following an injury, as they create more blood flow, making pain, swelling and inflammation worse. Non heating applications are better in the initial phases.

Arnica montana (Mountain Daisy)


This herb has a centuries-long history of medicinal use for bruising, bleeding and trauma. It  is commonly used in herbal creams and other topical (skin) preparations to promote wound healing, reduce pain and inflammation, as well as relieve muscle strains and joint sprains. 

Arnica is toxic if ingested by mouth, however homeopathic preparations use a diluted form that is considered safe. Homeopathic Arnica is widely used for the treatment of  injuries, trauma and shock. Arnica has a stellar reputation for speedy resolution of bruising. In addition to sports injuries and other trauma, it is also very effective for relieving the after-effects of dental procedures and surgery.

Injurease with Arnica products

Injurease-Combination-Pack Injurease products have been formulated with Arnica as the main active component, together with other complementary natural ingredients. These include Calendula, Comfrey, St Johns Wort and Rue. Together these provide a broad spectrum of action to relieve pain and  injury symptoms by promoting healing of injured tissues.

Injurease helps relieve the effects of injuries including shock, pain, inflammation and swelling. If used soon after the injury has occurred it can help reduce the discomfort and shorten recovery time.

Injurease can also be used effectively for older injuries and scars that remain painful.


Injurease is available in the following preparations:

  • Injurease Cream – does not create heat. Apply to unbroken skin or after scar has healed. Use on sore or painful areas.
  • Injurease Spray – taken by mouth, can also spray on painful areas.
  • Injurease Pilules – chewable, especially good for kids. Suitable for all types of injuries.
  • Injurease dropper – take orally and also apply as a compress to injury.