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Arnica – All Purpose Injury Remedy

Have you  suffered an injury recently? Whether it is a neck whiplash from an auto collision, a shoulder or back strain from lifting, a sprained knee or ankle from sports or skiing, your injuries should be properly addressed. Why? Because they can turn into lingering problems that never resolve properly. When an area is weakened, recurring […]


Maintaining bone health with aging is something everyone over 50 would do well to to pay attention to. Osteoporosis is a silent disease, as loss of bone is gradual and may show no outward signs until a fracture occurs. As the bones become more porous with age, fractures can occur with even minor falls, especially […]

Preventing Back Injury

Back injuries account for 20% of all injuries in the workplace and are frequently caused by incorrect lifting, or trying to lift something that is too heavy. Lifting or bending and twisting at the same time is a common cause of spinal joint sprain and disc injury. Chronic or repetitive back strain can result from […]