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How to Boost Your Testosterone Naturally

shutterstock_21001093 smlWhy should you care about testosterone? Because this hormone maintains muscle tone, energy levels, fertility, libido, mood and bone density. It plays an important role in male vitality and well being, and low levels may be a factor in depression in men. Testosterone levels begin to drop naturally after the age of 30 by 1% per year. Signs of a more rapid decline include loss of energy, decreased sex drive, irritability or anger, and trouble sleeping.

Testosterone depletion can also occur due to other factors including: ageing, stress, obesity, diabetes, smoking, chemotherapy and poor diet. <read more here…>


Instead of taking artificial supplements to boost testosterone, try natural ways to increase your levels:

  • moderate alcohol consumption – excess depletes testosterone
  • maintain a normal body weight – obesity reduces testosterone
  • stress depletes testosterone levels – manage stress effectively
  • adequate sleep helps increase hormone levels
  • regular exercise is demonstrated to to boost levels
  • avoid plastics – flexible water bottles contain BPA, a toxic plastic that mimics estrogen
  • take a supplement containing zinc
  • eat a good diet with healthy fats and oils – olive oil, avocado, nuts, eggs
  • avoid sugar as a higher insulin level (from eating sugar) suppresses testosterone
  • quit smoking  
  • Tribulus is an herbal supplement commonly used for infertility and low libido. It has become popular to improve sports performance, as it is thought to enhance muscle tone and testosterone levels.  

For more information on ways to boost testosterone naturally <read more here….>