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Backease-Men Dropper

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Backease for Men 20mL oral liquid dropper

Backease is formulated to help relieve back pain symptoms from a variety of causes including stress, overstrain and poor posture.

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Backease contains active ingredients with a history of traditional use for treating back pain. It has been found to be particularly effective for helping to strengthen the back with chronic or recurring back pain.



Active ingredients: Bryonia alba 12X, Calc carb 6X, Kali carb 10X, Nux vomica 8X, Rhus tox 8X, Ruta grav 12X
Inactive ingredients: Purified water with 30% ethanol as a preservative


Instructions for use: Backease-Men-download


Traditional uses of the active ingredients in Backease include the following:

Bryonia alba

  • Stitches and stiffness in lumbar area.
  • Lumbago, worse stooping, worse from motion.
  • Interscapular (between shoulder blades) numbness and pain.
  • Sharp pains with feeling of tension.

Calcarea carbonica

  • Back pain as if sprained, difficult to rise.
  • Pain from over-lifting. Tendency to strain muscles easily.
  • Rheumatism in lumbar region. Pain between the scapulae (shoulder blades).
  • Cramps and spasm of muscles. Drawing pains.

Kali carbonicum

  • Back pain. Lumbago. Small of back feels weak.
  • Sharp, cutting or stitching pains.
  • Pain during night, must get up for relief. Worse in morning.

Nux vomica

  • Backache in lumbar region, feels bruised and lame.
  • Acute lumbago. Spasmodic muscle contractions.
  • Back pain worse at night in bed. Sitting painful.
  • Bruised pains below scapulae (shoulder blades).

Rhus toxicodendron

  • Pain and stiffness in small of back (lumbar area).
  • Contractive backache. Stitches in back.
  • Pain better from walking or bending, worse when straightening up.
  • Worse from sitting.
  • Lameness, stiffness and pain on first moving after rest.

Ruta graveolens

  • Backache with stitches in small of back.
  • Lumbago, worse in morning before rising.
  • Bruised pain in coccyx, sacrum

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