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Medical Sheepskin

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Natural fibre pressure care




Medical Sheepskins add an extra layer of comfort and cushioning to any seat or bed, can be useful aids for the prevention of pressure sores.  They are most effective when used continuously on a bed, wheechair or chair.

The sheepskins are shorn to approx 30mm and specially treated to allow them to be washable. The soft, springy, fine wool fibres creates a cushion that distributes body weight and pressure over a larger area.

Unlike other fibres, wool can absorb moisture up to 33% of the wool weight without feeling wet. The wool fibres draw moisture away from the skin, helping to keep it dry – an important consideration for pressure sore prevention. The wool pile surface also reduces friction and shear forces that can cause skin tearing and breakdown.

This makes Medical Sheepskins ideal overlays for people confined to a bed or wheelchair.


Green medical sheepskin

  • 30mm Merino high density wool pile. Natural shape.
  • Recommended for incontinent users – urine resistant.
  • Machine washable in warm to hot water up to 80 deg C using a mild liquid wool wash detergent.
  • Dry in dryer up to 60 deg C until nearly dry. Finish drying on a drying rack.

Champagne medical sheepskin

  • Soft 30mm dense wool pile. Natural shape.
  • Not recommended for incontinent users – not urine resistant.
  • Low temperature washable in cool to warm (not hot) water using a mild liquid wool wash detergent.
  • Dry on a drying rack with leather facing upwards.



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Green sheepskin, Champagne sheepskin

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