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That Sugar Film

article-2536180-1A7E4DB000000578-517_634x398Have you heard about “That Sugar Film” or better still, been to see it? The film is a highly entertaining, informative, sobering documentary that demonstrates the harmful effects of sugar on health, and features top nutritional experts and scientists. Jamie Oliver says “This is a definite must see.” It should be required viewing for all teenagers, mothers and anyone interested in improving their mental and physical wellbeing. Read the review and watch That Sugar Film trailer. You can also download the movie from  iTunes here.

Sugar is now in 80% of all processed foods we eat. A ‘normal healthy diet ‘ is full of hidden sugars; many people easily consume 40 tsp of sugar per day,and that excludes sweets (including chocolates), cakes, ice cream etc. If you eat a breakfast cereal that contains any sweetener, along with flavoured yoghurt and fruit juice (standard breakfast for many kids) you are already up to 25 tsp of sugar! This causes a burst of frenetic energy followed by lethargy, concentration problems and mood changes including depression or aggression. As an adult the more sugar you have in your diet, the more likely you are to end up with depression and dementia, as well as high cholesterol, heart disease, fatty liver, obesity and Type 2 diabetes. It is a runaway train!

Do you know that Type 2 diabetes now kills another person every 6 seconds worldwide? Or that there is a link between sugar intake and high cholesterol? Instead of taking statin drugs to lower cholesterol levels (and suffer the side effects) you may be able do accomplish the same thing naturally by eating a low sugar diet. If you are trying to lose weight it is a no brainer.

It takes a real effort to limit the amount of sugar you eat when so much is hidden in popular food and drinks. Sugar is a cheap additive in foods, acts as a preservative and is addictive. We are always being advised to “read the label” on food, so here is some vital information: 4 grams of sugar (0.14 oz) equals 1 teaspoon. Therefore if one serving contains 8g sugar, that is 2 teaspoons. A healthy sugar intake is 6 to 9 teaspoons per day. How much are you and your family consuming??